Telecine Suites

Cinelab is committed to providing the highest quality price sensitive SD and HD telecine for students and professionals.

We offer an upgraded high resolution option for your film without the expensive hourly charge. The enhanced picture quality
features a 1080P resolution to deliver a crisp, high quality finish to your film. Whether your needs are standard definition or the new
cost effective upgraded 1080P, our two telecine suites provide for outstanding quality video transfers backed by our 59 years of
experience servicing the film industry.

Available video transfer output formats: MiniDV, DVCAM, BetaSP, DVD, Portable USB 2.0/Firewire Hard drive

See our Rate Card for pricing information

35mm, S35mm (2,3and 4 Perf capable) 16mm, S16mm, Ultra16mm 8mm, S8mm Max8mm capability
  • Cintel Y-Front Telecine with Twiggi, ScanDal, Metaspeed.
  • Digital Vision DVNR 4X4
  • Aaton Keylink Keycode reading system
  • DaVinci 888 DUI Color Corrector with network Panels
  • Power Windows, and Kilovectors.
  • Full 444 bandwidth from TK to Hardware
  • Panasonic Plasma HD-SDI professional monitoring.
  • 1080P HD recording direct to HardDrive as ProresHQ or DNxHD


  • Cintel Turbo 4 Telecine with Digital Scan generator
  • System Copernicus 4X4 Color Corrector with windows.
  • 35mm, S35mm, 16mm, S16mm, 8mm, S8mm, Max8mm capability
  • Aaton Keylink Keycode reading
  • Film edgecode and timecode data management system