Data Scanning

Cinelab offers a wide range of the most modern Data Scanning services 2K 4K 6.5K and coming soon 14K. We can satisfy the digital scanning needs of any 8mm, 16mm or 35mm film production. Information about our scanning equipment is below.

8mm scans:

Cinelab runs 8mm Scans on the DCS Xena 4K data scanner at resolutions of 1080P HD, 2K, 3K Overscan, 4K and 4K Overscan, scans to 6.5K available

The DFT Spirit 4K offers 2K and 4K scans of the highest quality this is the industry standard true RGB 16bit film scanner.:

Spirit 4K 16mm S16mm and 35mm (2 Perf, 3 Perf, 4 Perf and Vista Vision) at 10 and 16 bit at 2K and 4K resolutions all modern file formats


DCS Xena HDR Scanner 6.5K 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm including Full Immersion Liquid gate scans for 8mm 16mm and 35mm

LaserGraphics Scan Station-P 5K for 5K 35mm and 2.5K 16mm archival scans fast and high quality.

14K: Xena RGB Scanner. 16mm 35mm (2P,3P,4P,Vista) 65mm and 70mm coming soon

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