35 MM

Cinelab processes 35mm and S-35mm Color Negative and BW Negative film.  Our experienced technicians can handle both large and small productions and are available every step of the way to make sure the needs of your project are met.

We are equipped to process and transfer dailies for 2-perf, 3-perf, and 4-perf 35mm formats, both Academy and Full Frame

Various options for HD telecine and 2K/4K scanning are available. Explore our Digital Post Suites page for more information of Telecine, Data Scanning, Digital Intermediates, and Film Recording.

All prices in pennies per foot unless noted. Find out about volume discounts.
Data Scans:
2k and 4K data scans from 16mm Super16mm and Ultra 16mm - See Data Scans page for more info

Turnaround times:
Color Negative is processed daily.

B&W Negative is processed by arrangement.

Rush fees:
Same day process and transfer add $200

*All times subject to maintenance*