16 MM

Cinelab can develop 16mm, Super 16mm, and Ultra 16mm Color and Black and White Negative Films. We are also one of the very few laboratories in the United States doing daily processing of BW Reversal.

Cinelab specializes in working with all 16mm formats. We are a full-service 16mm lab offering end-to-end processing, post printing, and digital conversion for any size project.

Our 16mm processing, telecine, and data-scanning services combine High quality, quick turnarounds, and competitive rates.

We do not process Ektachrome or Kodachrome Color Reversal at Cinelab, however we can cross-process Ektachrome as a negative
by your request if needed.

All prices in pennies per foot unless noted. Find out about volume discounts.
Data Scans:
2k and 3K data scans from 16mm Super16mm and Ultra 16mm - See Data Scans page for more info

Turnaround times:
Color Negative is processed daily.
Transfer is done following day (subject to back log).

B&W Negative is processed 1-2 days per week.

Printing is scheduled 1-2 days per week.

B&W Reversal is processed 4-5 days per week, usually the same day it arrives.

Rush fees:
Same day process and transfer +$200
*All times subject to maintenance*